Jen and I worked together on the learning media for SAI’s Contest Folio #2 and Contest Folio #3. This was a delightful experience for me. Not only will you get right notes, right words and accuracy from Jen, but singers will also benefit from her vocal example. All of these elements and more will get you off to a great start on your new music. She’s a pro at this and if she’s doing something new for you, you’ll be very pleased with the final product.
— Dale Syverson, Master 700 Director, The Rich-Tone Chorus
I feel so lucky that we in San Diego found Jen Cooke. She works wonderfully with me as Director to make sure that all of the interpretation I like included is clearly in our tracks. This extra effort on her part shortens our learning time, allows the singer to make interpretation a part of their learning process, and keeps the tracks relevant for a longer period of time.

Jen’s turn-around time is excellent as is her “customer service”. She is friendly, warm, extremely musical, a great singer and now, a great friend.
— Kim Vaughn, Master 700 Director, San Diego Chorus
Jennifer Cooke’s fabulous learning tracks are a big part of how my singers learn music quickly. Lyrics are clear, notes and rhythms are correct, and her beautiful voice is one we like to emulate. I highly recommend Jennifer’s work if you are looking for terrific tracks!
— Becki Hine, Master 700 Director, Song of Atlanta Chorus
There are many wonderful artists in the barbershop harmony world who are skilled at creating learning tracks for our singers. One of the very BEST talents available today is Jennifer Cooke! If accuracy, musicality and efficiency are important to your chorus, then you need to order some learning tracks from this gal! She is simply outstanding!
— Diane Porsch, Master Director, Buffalo Gateway Chorus
Jen Cooke’s learning tracks are great! She has a wonderful, warm vocal quality and a quick turn around time. My singers love her learning tracks and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for good learning media!
— Kim Wonders, Master Director, Metro Nashville Chorus
The Velvet Hills Chorus has delighted in using Jennifer Cooke’s learning tracks several times for both ballads and uptunes, for contest and other repertoire. Her work is impeccable in accuracy and vocal energy and texture. I especially appreciate her flexibility and how quickly she responds to requests. We’ll certainly work with her many times in the future.
— Kathy Carmody, Master Director, Velvet Hills Chorus
Jennifer created the learning tracks for KISS, the 6th place 2010 Rising Star contestant. Her tracks were accurate, clear, prompt and affordable, making a huge difference in the journey of these four novice barbershoppers. I would use her again in a heartbeat.
— Melanie Wroe, Certified Showmanship Judge
Jen is delightful to work with! Her tracks are accurate and a joy to use as a model for my chorus! She is always willing to make changes, and always on time!
— June Berg, Certified Director, Riverport Chorus